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  Welcome to  OneX Qlxchange

OneX is for the little guy to put food on the table and to make it through these economic hard times of hyper-inflation. OneX is for you to turn your fiat money into real money, gold and silver because we have not seen the worst of the recession as banks and corporations continue to take our tax dollars. Onex is your golden parachute so read on and discover why over 750,000 people worldwide are very excited about OneX!

OneX/Qlxchange offers an amazing international Gold and Silver Program with multiple Profit Centers, of which OneX is one and is actually our first one. You can take time later to learn all about QLxchange and how you can buy silver and gold eagles or bullion at 2-8% above London fix depending on what level you are on. Some of the most respected distributors in precious metals are typically charging 15% higher than spot. But for now, we suggest you focus on OneX, it is our starter program and it will build your QLxchange business automatically. OneX will also make this program available to the masses, people from all walks of life will finally have a level playing field, just like the super rich!

Honestly, for a one-time out of pocket cost of five dollars, you have the opportunity to receive over $99,000. I know, I know, this sounds like the biggest bunch of hype you have ever heard, but I guarantee you it is not. Imagine starting a Legitimate Home Based Business for only five dollars! Even guru's and heavy hitters are lining up to join OneX. Besides, OneX is the only program I know of that pays you even when people do not upgrade. As a matter of fact you make even more because their payments default to you! Your spill over will still place people under them but they cannot receive payments if they do not submit $5.00 for their first lesson.

Quick Overview of the Compensation plan.

This is a simple multi-level marketing plan. There is a set number of positions on each level and it is very realistic in the real world. Each extra member on any level will cause spill over. As each person invites four or more active people, the same 340 members will follow each of them to stage two. Once a stage has completed, a new one will be created that starts the process all over again. The company products are online marketing & training lessons. The first lesson costs $5.00 and you do not have to buy the next lesson unless you are in profit. The most important thing to know is that you will earn your money back, (the whole $5.00), as soon as there is one person underneath you, even if you did not sign them up directly (spill over).

Stage One:

You ----- Cost to You --------- Downline --------- Your Commissions
Row 1 -------- $5 --------------- 4 X $5 --------------- $20.00
Row 2 -------- $10 ------------- 16 X $5 --------------- $80.00
Row 3 ---------$20 ------------- 64 X $10 -------------- $640.00
Row 4 -------- $40 ------------- 256 X $20 ------------- $5,120.00

Stage Two:

You ------- Cost to You ---------- Downline ------- Your Commissions
Row 1 -------- $80 --------------- 4 X $40 ------------- $160.00
Row 2 -------- $160 -------------- 16 X $80 ------------ $1,280.00
Row 3 -------- $320 -------------- 64 X $160 ----------- $10,240.00
Row 4 -------- $640 -------------- 256 X $320 ---------- $81,920.00 Total $99,460.00

OneX Qlxchange Presentation & Compensation Plan

OneX 100% Matching Bonus

You will receive a 100% MATCHING BONUS after level one on all of the matrix earnings of those YOU PERSONALLY SPONSOR! With KEYS! in other words, you get paid the exact same amount every time one up your sign-ups get paid on any level. A Key is just paying someone's way in who you know will be a top earner. Smart members join in on all four levels for $75 to be in position for success. - Join Now and sit at the top of your own matrix: plus be apart of your sponsor's matrix.

Extensive Overview: Your Generic Website

OneX Update Blog: Your Generic Blog

The two links above can be used to promote OneX. The first link for the generic website allows you to use your Qlxchange user name at the end of the url once you sign up. My user name is entrenet, you will see it at the end of the first link after you click on it. No one can sign up through the Onex Generic Blog, they must get back with the person who sent them to the Blog. Our team has other generic websites that you can use for training and promotion. Be sure to include your Qlxchange sign up link in your ads and Blogs or on Facebook and emails etc. It will be emailed to you after you join.

I am loving this program and you will too!

You Can Overcome the Obstacles that Prevent about 98% of Wannabe
Online Moneymakers from Succeeding!
Are you frustrated and wondering why it's been such a
struggle to make money online -- trying one failed program after
Have you experienced so much rejection and failure that
you think you'll never escape from your boring or dead-end job?
Have you become disgusted because your sponsoring
efforts haven't worked, you've received no "spillover," and you
just feel like giving up?

If Some of the Above Applies to You, then It's Not Your Fault!
Most Money-Promising Programs Are Designed So the "Top 2%" Make
the Money, but the "Bottom 98%" Don't Have a Chance!

Now Discover the Power of...
"Something Positive Always Happening

To Our Mutual Prosperity,
Helmut Weiss
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It’s time to step up and TAKE ACTION! You’ll be given everything you need to succeed. All you have to bring to the table is a white, hot burning desire to change your financial future, and the commitment to make it happen.

Don’t miss out… The ball is in your court!
If you have any questions, please contact me right away.

When You Are Ready to Sign-up Click The Red Join Button.

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Gold and Silver now legal tender in Utah due to "Dying Dollar"

Click the button below after you join OneX and I will put you in our OneX chat group on Skype. You must use "I have joined OneX under you in your request". I will verify this in my QLxchange backoffice. If you are not on Skype, just go to to download the software. You can also use Skype to call me from your computer.

OneX Making A Difference

Face reality the world Economy is in Trouble

Robert Kiyosaki - The Most Important Video He's Ever Made 

You need to Protect your Family join Onex and profit and purchase Gold and Silver.Do it now 


Don,t Delay Take Action Today For your Financial Success

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